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Before and after photos can help you better understand the various procedures that are available to you, in addition to helping you form reasonable expectations of what can be achieved from breast augmentation surgery in Michigan. It is important to keep in mind that each person is different and that the art of the surgical procedure is in maximizing your anatomic strengths.

Many websites suggest finding patients that look like you pre-operatively, and then picking a size of your breast implants based on those similarities. This is a very difficult process and has many shortfalls. Pictures cannot account for differences in the width of your breast, the curvature of your chest wall, and your height and body frame. We do however recommend bringing in pictures of breast implant patients whose photos you like. This gives a sense of whether you like an athletic professional look, or voluptuous curvy outline. More subtle refinements include a discussion of whether you like the implant to "ride high" really filling out the top portion of the breast to give maximum cleavage or a low natural appearance to the breast implant.

We use a unique three step process in the office to help you choose a breast implant size. The majority of our patients have seen breast enlargement surgeries that are just too big and are concerned about avoiding this at all costs. These large sizes are often driven by patient choice; however, we have had many patients who have had breast augmentations elsewhere in Michigan that were simply told that 450 cc's would be used by the cosmetic surgeon or patient care coordinator. We believe in a very careful and customized approach to breast implant size selection. This is critical to your satisfaction with breast augmentation surgery and the longevity of the appearance of the implants.

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You can vew more breast implant surgery photos in our clinic. We peform breast augmentation for Novi, Bloomfield, Detroit, Lansing, Brighton, patients.


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Dr. Malhotra gives his "insider tips," which are comprised of tips and suggestions for Ann Arbor and Jackson, Michigan patients considering plastic surgery. These exclusive tips have been formulated based upon years of experience in the field, and were made for you.