Breast implants in Michigan

Breast implant incision choice:

There are four typical incisions for breast implant placement. The inframammary fold, or breast fold incision, is the most commonly used incision. Many patients are concerned about scar visibility. This scar is typically only visible on the underside of the breast. It can usually only be seen when looking up from the feet. The incision is a little above the breast fold so all swim wear can be worn. The second most common incision is the nipple, or areola incision, which heals very well. However, you must cut through existing breast tissue to place the implant. The armpit, or transaxillary incision, is often selected by our patients in their twenties. In our practice, we place both saline and silicone implants via the armpit approach; however the implants have to be placed underneath the muscle.

For patients seeking breast enlargement surgery, Michigan plastic surgeon Dr. Malhotra will discuss with you the positives and negatives of each approach for your body, but he allows his patients to pick their incision.


Breast implant choice:

For patients choosing to have breast implants in Michigan, choosing between saline and silicone can be difficult. The advantages of saline implants are reduced cost (typically approx. $1200) and a slight reduction in capsular contracture/scar tissue formation. Silicone breast implants approximate the feel of breast tissue more closely, have less chance of breast implant rippling, have a lower rupture rate per year, and look just a bit softer or some say natural.

A number of patients are concerned about the safety issues surrounding silicone implants. Silicone are the most common implants used in the world. The FDA has done a thorough review of silicone implants and feel that the newer third generation implants are safe for use. However, having any type of implant is an important decision. Dr. Malhotra will review with you all questions regarding breast cancer screening, effectiveness of mammograms, and the life of silicone and saline implants.


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