For patients seeking to have plastic surgery in Michigan, choose a practice that has special expertise in breast, body, or facial cosmetic surgery. Many patients have thought about their procedure for over three to five years before finally choosing a plastic surgery practice. Patients should take equal consideration in selecting the right board certified plastic surgeon for their procedure.

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What does board certification in plastic surgery mean?

It is very easy to find out if your surgeon is board certified because this will be listed all over their website. In reality, trying to find out what they are board certified in has become very difficult i.e. plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, breast surgery, facial plastic surgery, surgical dermatology etc.

This is confusing to patients, and sifting through what is advertisement and what is real can be very difficult.

The different certifying boards all have different requirements. Some require 6 to 7 years of training in surgery like the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Other boards may only require 12 months of additional training.

Many plastic surgery procedures are performed at in-office surgical suites. These suites can be certified as a safe operating room but that does not mean the practioners are board certified, and doesn't detail what field they are board certified in. In fact, many surgeons who operate from their office surgical suites are not allowed to have privileges to perform these procedures in the hospital. This is because most hospitals require you to be board certified in plastic surgery to perform cosmetic surgery at their institutions. The laws requiring doctors to disclose their certifications vary by state.

All patients should find out what training, certification, and experience their surgeon has before deciding to have surgery.

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Dr. Malhotra is board certified in otolaryngology and plastic surgery, and performs surgical as well as non-surgical treatments. He is committed to seeing you for who you are and what you could be.