Breast Augmentation Secrets

The Center for Plastic Surgery has offices in Jackson and Ann Arbor, Michigan and specializes in quick recovery breast augmentation.

Choosing a surgeon

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Choosing a plastic surgeon to perform your breast augmentation can be very difficult. Many patients simply choose their surgeon because a friend has been happy with their surgeon. This is certainly a place to start to look for breast augmentation surgeons in Michigan, but it is really only a starting point. The goal should be to pick a surgeon that very consistently produces great results patient after patient. The second step is to view surgeons' websites and see whose pictures you like. Remember implants can be left higher for a full cleavage look or lower for a more natural look. You should discuss what you like with your surgeon. We recommend consulting with 2-3 surgeons.

Surgical safety

The facility where your surgeon performs your breast implant surgery is very important. Office surgery centers can be very private, but you should feel confident that the facility is meticulously maintained, your anesthesia provider is outstanding, and all safety equipment is present. Unfortunately, there really isn't an easy way for a patient to review this information until the day of surgery. You can get some sense of how smoothly your procedure will go by how the office handles your consultation, follow up, and questions. Typically, detail oriented surgeons surround themselves with people who make sure every part of the patient experience is exceptional. If the office seems disorganized, I would be concerned the surgical procedure could be as well.

Reducing complications

Breast augmentation is a very routine and common procedure with a low complication rate. The number one issue is capsular contracture or scar tissue formation around the implant. Many experienced surgeons have their own tricks of the trade they use to try and reduce the chance of this. In your consultation, you will get a sense whether the consulting surgeon has his methods to reduce the chance of scar tissue. We very commonly see patients that did not have any follow up with their surgeon after a month, and develop scar tissue that may have been able to be modified with better post operative follow up and medication.

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Dr. Malhotra is board certified in otolaryngology and plastic surgery, and performs surgical as well as non-surgical treatments. He is committed to seeing you for who you are and what you could be.